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Welcome to Zob Glass Pipes | Instrumentum percolatus


Looking for a one off
custom piece that will
blow your mind? Look no
further than our huge
selection of KJ Customs,
from the master of Zob

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If there's one thing
Zob Glass knows, it's
percolation. The Zobello
is Zob Glass' exclusive
purcolator that provides
your smoke the best
filtration possible.

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Wubblers are a cross
between a water pipe and
a bubbler. Taking the best
of both worlds, you can
expect ultimate filtration
of your smoke. Resulting
in smooth, milky rips.

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The Micro line from Zob is
designed for those looking
for a narrow piece. With
a tube diameter of 20mm,
they're slim, but still
pack the punch that you
expect from a Zob!

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The fixed line from
Zob Glass features pipes
with fixed downstems.
Beakers and straight tubes
include a flat disk and
micro 10-arm tree. Rest
assured these pipes rip!

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A concentrate beast!
Aimed at the concentrate
market, Zob's Princess
line includes a variety of
small pieces. The majority
of which, rock a direct
injected head.

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Don't let the simplicity
of these water pipes
fool you. The OG family
features beakers and
straight tubes in three
different sizes and they
are priced to move!

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Your search for superior
bubblers is over. Zob
Glass knows how to make
a bubbler that has no
comparison. With a variety
of percs and a small size,
your seach is over.

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Sporting an 8-arm
tree perc, these pieces
know a thing or two about
percolation. With two
slits per arm, you'll be
stacking bubbles like
a fucking champ!

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Compared to traditional
showerhead percs, UFO
percs take percolation to
another level. With a shit
ton more slits in the perc
itself, this is a beast that's
hard to beat.

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Zob's full line of inline
diffused pipes can't be
matched! Featuring a
full range percolator and
several size options to
satisfy all levels of
smoking enthusiasts.

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Zob ash catchers are
designed for heavy daily
use. Whether you need a
45 or a 90 deg., a tree or a
showerhead, we got it!

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